Slay Queens. The New Bread of woman slay queens escort call girl

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Slay Queens. The New Bread of woman

Slay Queens. The New Bread of woman.

Slay queens, A new breed of women in town doing round on social media. As many now a slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful they are how successful they are how cool they are, how important they feel they are not forgetting their blond opinions!.

It is that kind of girl that doesn’t take githeri, Matoke, ugali Number 2, Mutura or fries. She doesn’t do sleepovers on low class places like Dandora, Githurai, ruaka no, she only fucks with guys in leafy addresses like Nairobi’s Kileleshwa, Runda and Kitsuru.

Let me tell you a secret, the so said slay queens! In order to Maintain their slay queen status they work as escorts and call girls in Nairobi “chin Ya maji” they say. To find and hookup with a slay queen just visit escorts directories like kenya hot girls, Nairobi hot, Mafisi Escorts and the list is endless, then look for anyone that does outcalls only. Most of the slay queens here offer their services expensively and charge you depending location, High end places are charged expensively.

Nairobi Slay queens are also Known to leave your pocket empty, so if you have no experience with hot slay queens of Nairobi! Just stay away, otherwise you will be left with your pockets empty and if you must, Just be ready to spend beyond your limits.


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